What Are Intelligent Documents?

Doxserá® — Intelligent Document Automation Software
Doxserá® is the easiest to use and most powerful document automation software in the world.Doxserá® incorporates all of TheFormTool’s features and functions and adds to them powerful new abilities to complete multiple documents at the same time. It also empowers a document to essentially create itself from scratch using external text, tables and graphics. With the same impressively short and easy learning curve as TheFormTool PRO, in just ten minutes you can be building sets of intelligent documents, reducing errors to zero, and increasing productivity by a factor of ten. Doxserá™ is revolutionising document automation the same way TheFormTool PRO changed document assembly.With Doxserá®, text of any length and graphics can be stored as Passages and organized into Folios of related snippets. Passages and Folios are searchable by title, subject, keyword, tag, and text. A Passage can be included in a document manually or automatically using Doxserá’s® logic functions.

If your needs include document assembly and automation and you use Word for Windows, but you’d prefer to avoid professional installers and expensive consultants, Doxserá® is perfect for you.

Our innovative document automation software is the ideal solution for those who need to create several related documents in a single pass, without errors. With Doxserá® you can easily and quickly create sets, or entire families, of intelligent documents with a simple click or two. If it were any easier, it would be magic. Whatever your profession or business, you’ll find Doxserá® is the most user-friendly and powerful solution for your document assembly and automation needs. When your jobs involve more than one document at a time, Doxserá® will be there for you.

Doxserá® is the answer for power users who need all the sophistication possible to create and automate truly sophisticated intelligent documents but who value the ability to do it for themselves.


Doxserá is USED BY:

  • Lawyers engaged in company formations, family law, estate planning and probate, multi-party litigation, intellectual property, real estate, financing, and hundreds of other areas
  • Accountants for their representation and confirmation letters
  • Contractors who need contracts, SOWs, or bills of materials
  • Sales groups who work with quotations, orders, catalogs, parts or price lists
  • Power users who work with complex documents needing specialised language to fit varied needs
  • + Anyone who needs to create groups of repetitive documents quickly, accurately, and easily